Dosimaq, S.L. focuses its activity to manufacture filling and packaging machinery for food, chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical sectors.

The production of packaging machinery started up in 1989 thanks to the technical expansion of the company, which was based on a solid experience in manufacturing metal pieces of high precision. This large tradition in manufacturing pieces allows Dosimaq, S.L. to offer a precise and reliable machinery at the present.

Dosimaq, S.L. began its production manufacturing semi-authomatical filling machines for reduced productions. At the moment Dosimaq, S.L. has available a range of filling and packaging machinery for productions from 600 units/hour 15.000up to units/hour.

Dosimaq’s versatility allows to offer packaging solutions both for handcraft businesses as much as technical developments adapted to high productions in large companies. In both cases, Dosimaq, S.L. makes an accurate technical analyse by studying each particular need to develop the best solution according to filling quantities, product specifications and packaging to be used.


Our philosophy is based on offering quality products together with our compromise to satisfy our client’s requirements.

Our professional team and their service vocation guarantees technical support to offer the best solution to any packaging project or to solve any technical inconvenience that may appear at the minimum possible time.